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VA Bar is a new venue for Beijing live Jazz and Funk music


The bar’s name - V.A has two explanations, one of them is the two initial letters of “vanguard”, the other is the theme of the bar, Video & Audio.

The very first theme of the bar is live music. The bar owner was used to play in a rock band; many regular guests of the bar are his friends whom knew each other at that time. The V.A bar arranges live music in every Thursday, Friday & Saturday, and Jazz impromptu (open microphone) in Monday & Wednesday. If you like Jazz, Flamingo, Funk music, you must find your favorites in the V.A Bar. The sound equipments and tuning are both in professional class; it is the top place in small-scale live house in Beijing. Both audios and the band are satisfied with the sound effects. It is the bar owner’s experience gained from his band’s performance, the perfect sound effects is not only pleased the audios, but also the band.

The other theme of the bar is the animation. The bar owner produced an animation movie, main puppets from the movie are placed in the showcase above the bar table. The bar owner hopes animation fans know each other and exchange experience about hand-made puppets and product animation in the V.A bar.

You could taste gothic style with the decoration on window and the main tone of the bar. The style is quite unique in the quiet Wu Avenue Ying Hutong. Of course, very shop or café has it own style in this Hutong. By the way, you must pay attention to the backdrop at the entrance, to find out why the waterfall is live.

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V.A Cafe & Bar

  • Address: No.13 Wu Avenue Ying Hutong, Dongcheng District, Beijing (北京市东城区五道营胡同13号)
  • E-mail:
  • Phone: 010-58443638 13910228025


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