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Wang Changcun

Wang Changcun (王長存), also known as arbyth

General Information

Wang Changcun is a sound artist, website designer, Flash coder and lomographer based in Harbin, China. Born in 1981, He's one of the earliest sound artists in mainland China.

In 2003, six of Wang's works were selected in CHINA: the Sonic Avant-Garde, the first compilation of chinese sound art released by the California-based label Post-Concrete.

In November 2003, Wang performed in Sounding Beijing 2003, the first-ever large-scale experimental festival in China. In the October of next year, he toured extensively in Europe (France, Netherland, Belgium) for one month, during which he was invited by the Belgium label Sub Rosa to submit a full-length CD of works for release. This is the first example of mainland chinese sound artist being invited to release in an world-famous label. Besides solo album, Wang's works will also be included in a future 8-CDs set survey of 20th century's electronic music curated by the same label.


2005.11: 2pi Festival @ Hangzhou, Hangzhou, China

2005.9: Four Seasons tour, Shanghai/Beijing, China (with Justin Zhong, JIN Shan and CHEN Wei)

2005.6: Get it louder '05 @ Beijing, Beijing, China

2005.5: China Sound Unit #1 @ Hangzhou, Hangzhou, China

2005.5: Get it louder '05 @ Shanghai, Shanghai, China

2004.10 Impakt Festival @ Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands

2004.10. 1000 Revolutions a Second @ Ghent, Ghent, Belgium

2004.10: 1000 Revolutions a Second @ Brusseles, Brussels, Belgium

2004.10: Nuit Blanche @ Paris, Paris, France

2003.11: Sounding Beijing 2003, Beijing, China


2006: The Mountain Swallowing Sadness (Sub Rosa)

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