Weltreich (The Samans)

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General Information

Artist: The Samans
Title: Weltreich
Release Date: 2009, October 24th
Label: ---
Type: CDDA
Catalog No.: ---
Language: English
ISRC: ---
Credits: ---

Track Listing

  1. Overture
  2. Cross Of Iron
  3. Ride of the Valkyries
  4. Mob Rule
  5. Death March
  6. Moths to the Flame We Are
  7. The Marines
  8. Attila
  9. Showroom Dummies (Kraftwerk cover)


Cross of Iron

Destroy every leader
Destroy every slave
Destroy every country
Destroy every race
Destroy every nation
Destroy every religion
Destroy the education
Destroy the domination

Are you man enough for cross of iron
Are you man enough to kill

So pull the fucking trigger
Pull the fucking trigger

Ride of the Valkyries

Dear Valkyries will you steer me to death
Do you want to see the red flower bloom on my chest
Dear Valkyries just open your arms
Therewith in peace an enervated soul want to rest
Dear Valkyries please blind my eyes, mute my ears,
repress my feelings when the world is a mess
Dear Valkyries will you give me a kiss
Will you lead me to Valhalla the island of the blessed

Till the end of days
When hell awaits
Here your legends fall in the twist of fate
The pledge you make
The lives you take
Will crumble to dust when you drift away

Mob Rule

Ready to die striving
Ready to die breaking the law
Nothing is illegal
If you never ever get caught
Go get your rifle
Answer everything you've been taught
Do it for justice
Do it for your own noble cause

Without a question
Without an answer as well
Without a reason
Without a purpose to tell
Some stick to the guns
Some gonna say farewell
Some die a murderer
Some gonna sound the knell

Mob rule
Bring on your guillotine
Mob rule
Set up the gallows tree
Mob rule
Bring our tyrant to the slaughter
Mob rule
Still got place for you and me

Death March

Have you ever
Ever done this in your life
Now I wonder
Wonder if you did it right
Write your father
Tell him you are about to die
Be a soldier
Let the bullets get you fucking high
Don't believe her
Every promise equals lie
Look in mirrors
See the flame burns in your eyes
Doesn't matter
If you ever chose a side
Now whatever
Get your self something to fight

Death march
We are all forced to go
Death march
As we all have been told
Death march
Let the fear takes control
Where you are heading you are never allowed to know

Moths to the Flame We Are

Moths to the flame we are
Burnt to ashes left no scars
Like a crack of dawn in the dark
Till all the senses drift apart

Moths to the flame we are
Side by side with our brothers in arms
Let the rhythm lead the charge
Shed our blood on every boulevard

I owe myself to this melody
Martyrs of our generation we shall be
With your cheers with your curses with your sweat and tears
This song will ever live for all eternity

The Marines

This is my rifle
This is my gun
This is for shooting
This is for fun
Here we are comin'
They better run
We trade our blood for oil on the battlefront

I am your bold marine
I am your war machine
I am your licensed killer
Hellish thing you've ever seen
For the world of freedom
For the USD
For a medal/leader I will never have a chance to see

The cannon fodder manufacture
The widow making industry
The cannon fodder manufacture
The widow making industry


A promised land which is always the next one
A heroic feat that no one else has ever done
An evil empire found on nothing but my troopers' horseshoes
An oriental last name carried on from father to son

Say I'm the conqueror who long for flesh and blood
A servile Europe could not fulfill my lust
My footsteps follow the will of history
Till the day ashes turn ashes and dust to dust

No one calls me by my real name
The scourge of god was the title they gave
Nonetheless I feel so innocent I'm not the one to be blamed
It's just the way it meant to be over and over again

It's been a while since the day I left home
On the long journey to the west we are left all alone
I could return to her arms but somehow I won't
Like a lost child with a heart of stone

Homeless Attila
Nomad Attila

Showroom Dummies (Kraftwerk Cover)

We are standing here
Exposing ourselves
We are showroom dummies
We are showroom dummies

We are being watched
And we feel our pulse
We are showroom dummies
We are showroom dummies

We look around
And change our pose
We are showroom dummies
We are showroom dummies

We start to move
And we break the glass
We are showroom dummies
We are showroom dummies

We step out
And take a walk through the city
We are showroom dummies
We are showroom dummies

Further Information

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