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Xiao Dou real name Liu Xingyu, a Jazz drummer from Beijing

Xiao Dou 小豆 (ex-Red Hand Jazz Band, ex-Sand, Xia Jia Trio, Eastern Quartet, Dew Electric Trio, Beijing City Big Band, Ah Q Orchestra and Arrows Made of Desire)


He started learning drums with Izumi Koga in 1998 and began to play on stage in 2000. He used to be drummer of Liu Yuan Quartet, Beijing City Band, and Xia Jia Trio. Now he is a member of Red Hand Jazz Band, Xia Jia Trio, Eastern Quartet and Ah Q Band.

Xiao Dou has exchanged and performed with mamy reknown musicians such as French pianist Christophelier, free jazz pianist Matthew Ship from the US, Canadian bassist Brian Hurley, saxophist Erik "Y"from New York, French musician Eric Truffaz, Christian Brenner and Canadian musician Yannick Rieu.

He was for many time invited to perform in festivals such as Midi music festival, Beijing Nine Gates International Jazz Festival, and Shanghai JZ Festival. He even participated in the Maailmanmusiikin Paivat 2008 suomalaisen ja kiinalaisen musiikin kansainvalinen konferens (China-Finland International Music Conference) held by China Music Conservatory.

Xiao Dou is one of the representatives in the new generation of Chinese jazz musicians. He makes a figure out of himself through his keen insight of the art and his diligent and industrious practice.

In 1998, he studied in Beijing Midi Music School and learned to play the drum from the famous percussion player IZUMI KOGA (Gu Hequan).

In 1999, he entered Beijing jazz jungle and performed as a drummer in Liu Yuan Quartet from 2000 to 2002.

In 2003, he performed with Kevin Hough and other American pianists in Shenzhen.

Back in Beijing in 2004, he participated in the performance of local band the Sand Band. At the same time, he took part in the series performances of "anti-lip-synch movement" initiated by Cui Jian.

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