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Screenshot of Yaogun.com

Yaogun.com all about Chinese rock music in Japanese by Yoshito Katori


The owner, creator and mastermind behind is called Yoshito Katori, Japanese citizen and living in Shanghai at the moment. He has created the Rock Database called Yaogun (Chinese for "Rock") all by himself and is using plain HTML with Frontpage (no joke!).

I (Azchael) have met him in Shanghai once and he told me, that he'd first came to China to study Chinese in Beijing, that's were he first came in contact with Chinese music scene (he has a photo of Tang Dynasty playing in a bar 1998, shot by himself) and that's were he started to collect Chinese music records and magazines.

As a true collector he got more and more stuff until finally he decided to sort it through and he created an Excel spreadsheet with all the records listed, some names and stuff.

One day he decided to put this excel sheet online using HTML for others (probably Japanese) to get to know about Chinese music. Thereafter he extended and extended and extended and ... you know ... created the Yaogun.com Rock Database and as from the start it was his own collection he used Japanese. His English skills are not as good as Chinese so he decided to stick with Japanese also transferring all NAMES to Japanese, something quite tricky, as not all tones / characters are the same. That's the reason why sometimes characters and people's names are displayed using his own technique, e.g. [ni] in combination with another character, trying to combose another one.

Available information

Band information to more than 2000 bands

Information on nearly every available and non-available record in China's underground

History of Chinese Rock

Magazine information

Huge Link archive

--> All in Japanese



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