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Yushan School (虞山派 Yushan Pai)


According to John Thompson[1]:

This school is not included in Zha Fuxi's chart of existing qin schools. Nevertheless, some modern commentators say that this was the most famous qin school in the Qing dynasty. To my knowledge, however, there have not been any in depth studies analysing what this actually means. As mentioned elsewhere, the style of music reflected in the earliest Yushan handbook, Songxian Guan Qinpu (1614), seems quite different from that of players today who claim Yushan heritage. From my own examination, a major characteristic of many Songxianguan Qinpu melodies is their use of the note fa as well as mi (see, e.g., my comments under Qiujiang Yuebo and Dongtian Chunxiao, then compare those under mode in Yu Qiao Wenda). The second important Yushan handbook, said to be Xu Qingshan's Dahuan'ge Qinpu (1673, but the individual tablatures were probably written quite a bit earlier), removes most of these non-pentatonic notes. However, none of the discussions I have seen so far considers these modal characteristics in the development of the Yushan style. To my knowledge, as of 2010 I was the only person playing melodies directly from Songxianguan Qinpu tablature.

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  1. Research by John Thomspon, see: http://www.silkqin.com/09hist/qscb/qscb07a2.htm#yspfn
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